What Does It Take To Live A Life Full Of
Meaning, Authenticity And Happiness?

Discover Your Own Inner Power And Life Purpose With The Iceberg Principles!

There is so much more to you than what meets the eye. Believe it or not, this physical world, the world that we see in front of us, is not all there is. There is much, much more than you can possibly imagine, and it is this “invisible” part of ourselves that holds the key to our creativity, abundance and wellbeing.
Think of yourself as an iceberg. There are two parts: the visible tip above the water line, which is about 4%, and the foundation that lies beneath the surface, which is about 96% of the iceberg.
Human beings have the same ratio. Our physical attributes that are visible on the surface level (such as our hair, our height, etc.) are what describes us. But they do not really define who we are. Our talents and strengths, the things we love, our unique gifts and quirks – this is what makes up the 96% that defines us and is invisible to the eye.

We exist to express what lies in the 96% in the 4%; only in this way can we feel whole.

When we think we are nothing more than what we see in the mirror, we are separated from ourselves and everyone else - lonely and exposed to the dangers. Life is becomes a competition. We compare ourselves to others and always somehow, we come up short.
When we ignore or suppress the gifts and talents in our 96%, we experience depression. We feel anxiety because we know deep down that there is more to us and we are wasting our life. We feel out of sync and eventually we end up in dis-ease, which causes physical and emotional pain, and that is the root of addictions like overeating, alcohol and drug misuse.

The good news is that when you learn how to cultivate what lies beneath in your 96%, you can:

  • Tap into an inexhaustible storehouse of inner strength, vitality and 
  • Open up the floodgates to abundance and
  • Experience a sense of ease and harmony…and life becomes so good that you’ll have to pinch yourself!

Everything that we desire as human beings is right at our fingertips. There is not one thing we need to change about ourselves to get it. On the contrary, The Iceberg Principles reveal that in order to feel complete, we must become more of who we already are.


The Iceberg Principles Interview Series

In this fascinating and eye-opening series, bestselling author, speaker and coach Marni Spencer-Devlin explains each of the Iceberg Principles with host Nick Lawrence.
Based on her bestselling book, “The Iceberg Principles – The Truth About The Universe And Your Place In It,” Marni and Nick demystify the 7 concepts and truths of Consciousness in a practical, down to earth way.

You’ll Discover:

  • 1

    Your World – the Universe in which you live and how this affects you.

  • 2

    The reason the world exists. Why you exist. Your purpose and what makes you happy.

  • 3

    Creating awareness of the three parts of you – body, mind, spirit. What is real and what is illusion.

  • 4

    Your Mind: What it is. What it does and why it does it. Your Body: What makes you healthy. What causes illness and what to do about it.

  • 5

    Delving more into your specific purpose and how to express it.

  • 6

    Your natural way of being. What is happiness and how to get it.

  • 7

    Specific teachings that help you put everything into practice depending on your specific needs.

You’ll Receive:

  • 7 In-depth Audio Interviews

    In these approximately 45-minute modules, we’ll reveal each Iceberg Principle in simple and easy to understand language.

  • • PDF Transcripts of Each Module

    Unclear about exactly what we said in one of the modules? Use the transcripts to get clarity or consume the content visually for those that learn better by reading.

BONUS: Get the book!

Do you want to dive even deeper into The Iceberg Principles? Although you don’t need the book to grasp the concepts presented in the interview modules, reading it will give you an opportunity to deepen what you've learned, at your own pace.


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