Speaker and bestselling author, Marni Spencer-Devlin teaches her empowering brand of personal and professional Authentic Leadership to corporate professionals worldwide.

Marni tells the harrowing story of how she was molested, raped and forcibly addicted to heroin. She became a prostitute, a criminal, was homeless for a time and finally, ended up in prison.

She emerged fiercely determined to create a better life for herself and, in short order, built a multimillion-dollar business.  She lived a fabulous life, yet a sense of fulfillment somehow remained elusive. She had not yet realized that she had merely traded steel handcuffs for golden handcuffs and was still trapped in a prison of sorts.

What happened next drove home the point with ferocity. She was diagnosed with a deadly disease and only given a year to live.

Surprisingly, this became her greatest gift. With seemingly nothing left to lose, Marni discovered the phenomenal power behind radical authenticity. It helped her, not only to survive but, thrive.

Today Marni is passionate about sharing these unique insights to help professionals use Authentic Leadership to create increased effectiveness, higher productivity and greater happiness and fulfillment, both professionally as well as personally.

Marni also loves speaking to teens and college students, and of course - women in prison.

Marni offers coaching to very select clients.

Marni was named a Top 100 Who's Who by Women in E-Commerce Magazine and was a cover and featured article in Grey Matters Magazine.

She is also a sought-after guest on radio shows on business and personal empowerment.

Marni is working on her memoir, entitled Phoenix and is on a quest for suitable literary representation. She  is the current author of The Iceberg Principles, which outlines the philosophies that make Marni's strategies so transformational and empowering. She was also a contributing writer to the book, Insider Strategies of Industry Leading Consultants.



  • Disney Companies
  • Hewitt Associates
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • AST Computers
  • Ingram Micro Distributing
  • Universal Care
  • Molina Healthcare



"I used Marni as a career coach. She provided so much clarity and helped me realize that I wasn’t thinking big enough for myself. I am on track to do 6 figures and there is no way I could have done it without her.

Valentina Soto, President, HUMANElevated

Marni is an amazing leader/teacher/coach. You cannot go wrong with her. Enjoy the journey,

Sara Rogers, Acting Coach

Marni spoke at our recent Women's Empowerment Summit and was a certified hit. She has new and thought provoking content for executives and employees that you don't get anywhere else. We highly recommend Marni at Passion4Profit Inc.

Alan Armijo, Tech International

"Marni is a thought provoker, accountability coach and forward thinker! I highly recommend using Marni as your leadership coach if you want to catapult to amazing success! Thank you Marni!"

Maggie Decker, Interior Designer & Author

"The process that Marni takes people through creates amazing clarity for the direction of your business or organization. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their career and life."

PMC Events

This woman is phenomenal. Her energy is immaculate!!! She has been such a huge inspiration to me! And she still keeps upgrading everyday in every way!!!

Yemen B, Laurinburg, NC

Marni is a wonderful motivator that creates results. Where there is passion for something, you will succeed. Marni is a great person to know.

Marcia Sapoznik, LMFT; Ph.D. (ABD) - Relationship Coach

Marni offers excellent coaching and guidance for women in leadership. I recommend her highly!

Patty Blakeley, Business Owner, Racine, Wisconsin

Working with Marni was a wonderful experience. She is an expert,. She listens well. Her guidance was exceptional  and tailored precisely for my needs. It is easy to recommend Marni.

Rosalind Russell, Executive Director, R* Foundation

Absolutely fantastic - Marni is so passionate about helping women grow. She delivers above and beyond! If you are serious about advancing your leadership career I highly recommend working with Marni's program!

Kathryn Lorenzini, Founder, Unique Image

"Marni is a wise, passionate teacher who has great insights when it comes to business and women. She has great insight on effective leadership and how to improve performance and it translates and upgrades workplace culture. Her zest for what she is doing makes working with her a lot of fun, as well as provoking deep ideas."

Ruth Tongen, Business Owner



Marni is currently writing her new book entitled,

The List Method-

the science-base way to find the love of your life

Marni saw that many of her clients and friends, having created successful professional lives, were alone. They were either divorced or had simply never really found the loving relationship of their dreams. Marni feels that a successful life ought to contain a successful personal relationship.


It was no accident that Marni found the love of her own life. In fact, finding the one person who is perfect for you out of almost eight billion is a complex process that can't be left to luck or chance.  In her new book, Marni unravels the mystery.


  1. The science behind the human brain and why we often resists the things we want the most.
  2. Why we have so many blind spots when it comes to finding love and how to clear them.  
  3. Why loneliness is the greatest barrier to finding the love you crave and how to never to be lonely again.
  4. How to fall in love with yourself to allow someone else to fall in love with you.
  5. How to spot your perfect love in a crowd.

Marni Spencer-Devlin