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The science behind the human brain and why we often resist the things we want the most.

Why we have so many blind spots when it comes to finding love and how to clear them.

Why loneliness is the greatest barrier to finding the love you crave and how to never be lonely again.

How to fall in love with yourself first so you can allow someone else to love you.

How to spot your perfect love in a crowd.

You Deserve the Fairytale!


The List Method is a simple step-by-step way to find the love of your life using neuroscience and tried and true strategies to help you uncover and clear away your roadblocks to a successful relationship.


Learn to understand your own deep needs and desires so you can create a detailed description of the partner of your dreams.


Armed with your List, it could potentially take only days for you to meet the love of your life.



Understand how the mind can sabotage your happiness.

Remove personal roadblocks to a successful relationship.

Recognize your own deep needs and desires in all areas of life.

Create a crystal-clear list of the partner of your dreams.

Potentially find the love of your life in days instead of years!

“The List Method helped me understand what is getting in my way as I seek true love. The information was interesting, the stories were inspirational, and the exercises were thought-provoking.  If you’ve been searching for too long, read this book!”                                                                                                                                                                  
Lisa Padden

“I felt like I was going on dates with the same type of person and always getting ghosted or hurt. I didn't know how to break the cycle. Then I discovered the List Method. The best thing is that it helps you focus on the things that matter. It helps identify who you are and what you truly want from a relationship. I followed Marni's Method, and I just married the man of my dreams! It really works!”

Cynthia Gonzalez