What Would You Do With 2 Extra Hours A Day?  


Would  You Use It To Create More Money?


Would You Use It For More Balance & Health?


If You're Buried Under Obligations Here's The Way To Create Extra Time For The Meaningful, Passionate Life You Yearn For!


This Is Your Moment!


Think You've Heard It All When It Comes To Personal Development? I Guarantee That This Is Different. This Is Not One More Strategy For Your Already Overstuffed To-Do List.  

Discover Your Destiny And The Steps To Take You There!




"Everything is different! I have balance at work. I'm even working out. Loving me! You are amazing, Marni.
"I can't tell you how much working with you has brought me clarity. I feel like breaking into song: "I've Got The Power!" Thank You, Marni!
C. O'C. 
Working with Marni has opened my eyes that the opportunities are out there. Now I am clear on what makes me feel alive!
Just got done working with Marni. You think you get this stuff until you start talking with someone like her!


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Crawling into the Light

Crawling into the light

The IceBerg Principles

The IceBerg Principles