What If...






Is The Real You Buried Somewhere Under An Overwhelmingly Busy Life, Money Worries or Health Challenges ?

Too Exhausted And Emptied To Explore What You Really Love?

Do You Feel Like You Are Losing Yourself,

Or Perhaps You've Never Really Found Yourself?



Let Me Show You A Way To Live A Life Of

Passion, Purpose & Prosperity!!








"Everything is different! I have balance at work. I'm working out. I'm even dating! Loving me! You are amazing, Marni.


"I can't tell you how much working with you has helped me. I feel like breaking into song: "I've Got The Power!" Thank You, Marni!

C. O'C. 


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Crawling into the Light

Crawling into the light

The IceBerg Principles

The IceBerg Principles