• Top-Notch Customer Experience



• Massively Increased Profits  




• Higher Productivity  




• Passionate Engagement  




• High Energy Work Environment



• Increased Knowledge-ability 



• Valuable Staff Retention  




• Conflict Resolution


Let My Experience Take Your Company To The Next Level

Marni Spencer-Devlin is a cutting-edge Change Management Expert and Certified Business Consultant who takes small companies to the next level, causing massive increase  in profitability and productivity by creating a culture of passionate engagement that attracts clients and turns them into raving fans that never leave you and refer you everywhere.

Marni survived adversity that would have killed most people before she became the founder and president of a marketing company she turned into a multimillion dollar enterprise with seventy employees. The tools she used to turn her company into a goldmine are the same she uses in her consulting. 

Let Marni's experience take your small company to the next level!



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Crawling into the Light

Crawling into the light

The IceBerg Principles

The IceBerg Principles