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Marni Spencer-Devlin is a certified business consultant who increases profits and performance by creating passion in the work place for both leadership and employees. Passionate leaders enjoy greater clarity and decision making agility. Passionate employees are more engaged, perform better and form more cohesive teams.  Passion is the sure-fire way to attract new clients because people can always tell when you love what you do and they tell others!


Marni is the former founder and president of ocdm marketing, a southern California marketing company she turned into a multimillion dollar enterprise with seventy employees.


She is a sought-after speaker, workshop leader and trainer.


She was named a Top 100 Who's Who by Women in Ecommerce Magazine and was a cover and featured article in Grey Matters Magazine. She is also a sought-after guest on various radio shows about business and motivation.


She is an author of two books, her bestselling autobiography, Crawling Into The Light as well as the metaphysical book, The Iceberg Principles, which outlines the philosophies that make her business strategies to successful.






I can't tell you how much this workshop helped me! I feel like bursting into song,

"I've got the power!" I want to sign up for your newsletter because I never want to miss anything

you put out!

C.O.C, Executive Assistant

Marni opened my heart to make me see that I can do anything when I know what matters most

and when I know why I am doing it. My work will never be the same!

M.R., Customer Service

Thank you, Marni for your enthusiasm, knowledge and passion. This workshop was an experience

that will forever affect the way I view my work and this company.


Marni was hands-down the most interesting, the most thought-provoking, simply the

best speaker we've ever had!

M.S., Senior Sales

I have been to so many of these presentation. Usually they drag on and on but not this one.

I learned so much. I got so much out of it that, I believe, will actually change the way

I approach my job forever.

L.H. Marketing Specialist

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Crawling into the Light

Crawling into the light

The IceBerg Principles

The IceBerg Principles