You – Unplugged

You – Unplugged


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Remember when you were a kid and had unlimited energy? You had ants in your pants You had so much energy that it was actually hard to sit still.  Now you could sit still for hours. Sometimes you wish you didn’t have to move at all.

You used to play hard until you crashed. Then you slept deeply until your eyes popped open in the morning.  You were so full of new energy that you couldn’t wait to meet the new day. Now you work until you crash but it’s hard to turn off the mind. Sleep eludes you and you wake up still tired.

Why did it happen? There are two reasons all that energy and vitality you had as a kid evaporated.  Your body filled with toxins and you got unplugged from your source.

 Toxics Unlimited

toxic waste

Young, healthy bodies can handle anything. They are programmed to take what we put into them and extract the best.  Somehow they manage to deal with all the sugars and processed foods we feed our kids. We’re told that cereals made from genetically modified grains and ‘fortified’ with chemical ingredients nobody can pronounce, along with dairy unfit for human consumption and pumped full with hormones are ‘healthy and natural’. Reality is there are very few foods in our grocery stores that bear any resemblance to their natural states – and that includes our fruits and vegetables!

Young bodies handle the onslaught until they can’t handle it anymore. Until they are so filled with toxins that they become unbalanced. Obesity, asthma, autism and behavioral problems abound – but not to worry, we have drugs for those, which add more and more toxins. Even the kids that aren’t sick don’t have the energy and vitality they should have if they received optimal fuel.

Add to that the constant onslaught from television and video games that inundates young minds trying to find their way in the world and you get one tired, sullen teenager.


There is another, much deeper reason why we lose our energy as we move into adulthood. Our focus shifts from within to ego and that’s where the real trouble starts.

Here is where The Iceberg Principles offer a great illustration that explains why we lose our connection to our source as we move into adulthood.

Human beings are a lot like icebergs – only a small part shows on the surface, most is unseen. Our body and mind, that’s the surface level. As we move into adulthood and we’re suddenly responsible for our own survival. We can’t call Mommy and Daddy anymore to send money and we realize we are alone.  Life appears to be about competition – survival of the fittest.

Our focus shifts entirely to the surface level – trying to maintain our physical self. All we hear anymore if the voice of the ego-mind. We forget about our natural connection to Consciousness we had as children because it was an unconscious connection then. We were unaware of it. We were just connected. And now we are not anymore. We realize that we missing something but we don’t know what.

We ignore the inner voice, the voice of intuition because the ego dismisses it as ‘not fact-based’, ‘illogical’ and ‘flights of fancy’. We lose our connection to who we are, which is Consciousness. We live our life on autopilot. We make most decisions unconsciously. We have lost the connection to the source of our life, our energy and our vitality.



What we focus on grows. It is possible to turn it all around with a simply shift in attention. It is possible to shift our focus to the Consciousness that we are  – on the 96% that is unseen, which is the authentic self.

When we shift our focus to the things that we born to do we set free a huge storehouse of energy and vitality and passion – as well as abundance. Your ego tells you that you have to work hard to make a living – but you are killing yourself doing it! It doesn’t make sense. And your cut yourself off from the source. Your light bulb us unplugged so your light can’t shine.

There is a reason why you are here. You have a mission in life. You have a mandate to express the things you were born to do, which are the things you are good at. Incidentally, those are the things that you love to do anyway because you were born to do them. Then you step into the flow of Good of the Universe. Your needs are met in abundant fashion and you brim with energy and passion.

These are not flights of fancy! Look at those people you do what they love to do – such as Richard Branson or Clint Eastwood or Meryl Streep. There are so many! People that have honed their inborn skills to the best they can be; who love what they do and who have the energy to do it. This is what you are meant to do, too. You are meant to be plugged in. You are meant to shine your light brightly!

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