Three Reasons We Get Sick

Three Reasons We Get Sick

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Human beings don’t learn by being told what to do. Anyone who has kids knows what I am talking about. Fact is human beings only learn in one of two ways:

 We learn either through pain or through insight.

Our bodies are more than just the vehicles for Consciousness. They can be pleasure temples. They can be channels for souls come to enter the physical realm; and when we get out of balance our bodies can become our teachers.

Physical Causes for Disease

Sometimes our bodies get out of whack due to physical causes; accidents, improper care or lacking exercise.

Sometimes people don’t know any better. They eat meat and dairy products unaware that these are highly acidic and increase inflammation in the body, which not only leads accelerated aging but also pain from swollen joints and arthritis, as well as high cholesterol and clogged arteries, front-runners to heart attacks and strokes.

Other times people do know better and do it anyway – fast foods, boxed foods, greasy foods, so-called diet foods, soda, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Sometimes we just work way too many hours, burning the candle on both ends. We congratulate ourselves on our ability to work ungodly hours, but in the back of our minds we know darn well that we are overtaxing and neglecting our bodies.

Most of us know the things are not good for us yet we do them anyway. When we seemingly know better but do it anyway ultimately it proves that we lacked the conscious awareness of the true consequences of our actions. If we could truly fathom the searing pain disease can causes, or the fear and loneliness, or sadness and depression of knowing that we are dying a preventable death, we would never ever do it.

But we are not consciously aware and so we do it anyway and we get ourselves sick. Then we get to learn. We get the chance to wake up. It is an awesome opportunity. Those of us who have triumphed over illness are grateful – not just that we survived. We are grateful for the enlightenment we gained.

Emotional Causes For Sickness

Emotional Causes For Sickness Anger, jealousy, resentments, or fear are powerful and result in negative physiological changes.

Emotions have mighty effects on the body. We have all felt ourselves begin to shake when we get really angry or afraid. Hold on to those types of emotions long enough and they cause damage to the body.

Every emotion has a corresponding illness. Anger tends to express in the liver. Unresolved resentments express as cancer and other autoimmune diseases. I highly recommend Louise Hay’s enlightening book entitled, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ which connects different emotional causes with their corresponding physical symptoms.

We know that we should not feel a certain way. We should let things go. We should forgive but instead, we hold on anyway. But if we truly knew what we are doing to ourselves – not the other person, but ourselves, we would let go. If we were truly consciously aware of our actions, why would we hurt ourselves because someone else wronged us?

There then lies the rub again: we lack in conscious awareness and so we make unconscious choices. But nobody can tell us what to do in those situations. We have to figure it out for ourselves.

Karmic Causes

Recovering from illness is ultimately a choice. We can choose to learn the lessons or we choose to close ourselves off.

 When we refuse to learn we get to carry the lesson with us. This is called karma.

We enter a new lifetime at the level of awareness at which we left the last incarnation. We can’t suddenly know more than we know and so we get to repeat the lessons we flunked last time.

Karma is sort of a reverse lesson. With karma we get to experience what it feels like to be on the receiving end of our previous actions. Kill and be killed. Throw your life away through suicide (as I believe I did) and face being unwanted and neglected in the new life. (Same energy in reverse) Sometimes we are born with illness. Whatever the lesson was, we always get another chance to learn it.

Resistance is futile. Continuing in the cycle only results in more and more pain. Eventually everyone comes to their knees and begins to ask the right questions.

Ill health is always an opportunity to learn something; to correct an imbalance. Spiritual seekers are sometimes ashamed when they get sick, as if it were a failing on their part. There is no shame or blame here at all! Being in school is nothing to be ashamed of. Each and every one of us is here in this life to learn and grow in awareness. The lesson plan is tailored by our individual needs.

To correct the imbalance we must know the basic Truth about who we are. We do not only exist only in the physical realm. We are indivi-duals – dually existing both in the physical realm as well as in Consciousness. In my book, The Iceberg Principles I offer the illustration that we are much like icebergs – only a small part shows, the largest part is unseen. Our body is just the physical part of who we are. Our Consciousness is the unseen and just as with an iceberg, the unseen is far greater than the visible part.

As long as we look for answers only on the surface level, only in the physical plane and ignore what lies beneath we shall remain ignorant; forced to re-learn the same lessons over and over again. For true healing to take place we must become consciously aware that we are not just physical beings; we are Consciousness. The questions lie in the physical realm but the answer is in Consciousness.