The Wonderful Truth About High Cholesterol

Cholesterol has gotten a really bad rap
but it is actually an amazing defense mechanism of the body.

Cholesterol – the Body’s Band-Aid

When free radicals bounce off cell walls they cause tiny injuries. When the area around the injury becomes inflamed, the liver makes cholesterol and sends it to the inflamed area. Cholesterol is a thick, viscous substance that covers the injured area like a Band-Aid so it can heal.

Don’t pick the Scab!

Did your mother ever tell you that after you skinned your knee? That’s good advice. Your doctor probably wants you to take a cholesterol medicine but that just like ripping the bandage off before the wound has a chance to heal. It causes an oozing mess and later on, some ugly scar tissue.

An ounce of prevention …

What causes those ‘free radicals’ that cause all that injury in the first place? – The toxins from all that stuff that you know is bad for you! Take your pick….fast food, greasy food, prepackaged food, sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, lack of exercise, disease. If you can’t change them all, change at least some!

Consider the consequences

If you do nothing, and the inflammations persist, your body will keep making more and more Band-Aids to cover more and more wounds. Pretty soon there have to be Band-Aids on top of Band-Aids to cover it all. All those scabs hardens the arteries. All those Band-Aids piling up, all that cholesterol, finally closes off the blood vessel – and that’s called a heart attack. Fun for the whole family!

You’re (not) just like your father……

Finally, a word about heredity… Cholesterol values vary for different people. But nobody has naturally high cholesterol; some people are just more prone to inflammation than others. They have to take even more care to keep the toxins out of their body. High cholesterol always means inflammation – not heredity!

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