• Unique Value Contribution
  • Company Ideals
  • Financial Objectivity
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Branding Alignment
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Website & Online Presence
  • Elegant Benefits Communication
  • Comprehensive Action Plan


Each Service Also Available A La Carte


Business Success Is 80% Belief / 20% Action. Company Can Never Outperform Limited Thinking In Its Leadership. Yet When Personal Desires Clash With The Demands Of Business, Stressors Are Created That Have Invisible Yet Powerful Negative Impact On The Success Of The Business. Synergy Between Personal And Professional Desires Can Only Be Created When There Is Clarity On What Matters Most. The Proven Passion4Profit Process Crystalizes And Prioritizes Deeply Held Personal Desires In Every Relevant Area Of Life And Creates Synergistic Alignment With The Demands Of The Company


No One Chooses To Be Disengaged. Human Beings Innately Search For Meaning. They Only Disengage When They Feel Their Contribution Doesn't Matter. Conversely However, Most People Don't Get What They Want In Life Because They Don't Really Know What They Want.  My Proven Process Helps Workers Discover Their Personal Passions, Their Interests And Talents For An Ideal Work Life, As Well As Their Internal Motivators For High Performance. Employees Are Enrolled In The Company's Mission And Encouraged To Participate In Its Achievement, Fostering Meaning And Creating A High-Energy Work Atmosphere Of Passionate Engagement That Retains Valuable Talent And Resolves Conflicts Before They Begin.

Look What Former Clients Are Saying...

Marni Spencer-Devlin’s Passion4Profit process has been instrumental in getting my business off the ground. Her guidance saved me a lot of time and money.

She established my brand; helping me articulate my financial targets, tailor my offerings and identify my perfect target audience. Also, in a very short period of time she helped me set up a professional, functioning website, blog and online presence.

Her amazing insights and a unique perspective instilled confidence and provided accountability. What I anticipated taking me a year took only weeks!

I highly recommend Marni Spencer-Devlin and Passion4Profit, Inc. if want to grow your business.

Valentina Soto, President , HUMANElevated