The Place Where You Live

Is it what my five senses are reporting back to me real?

This morning I was walking my dog. The sun was shining warmly. The sky was clear and blue. I was surrounded by unspoiled nature, no-one for miles – and I wasn’t aware of any of it. You see, I am moving. In my mind, I was packing boxes; deciding what to take and what to leave behind. My whole attention was on the myriad tasks at hand. If you could download a recording of my thoughts and perceptions this morning, there wouldn’t be any about the blue sky or warm sunshine, nothing of the unspoiled nature. I didn’t see one thing that my five senses were reporting back to me.

Everything visible in this universe is made up of energy, condensed into forms vibrating at various frequencies.

Like frequencies attract each other. That’s why the outer world of people, places and experiences is a direct reflection of the inner world. So I am never really seeing reality. I only see things through the distorted lens of my perceptions. The guy next to me might have a completely different experience out of the exact same circumstances, depending on his inner world.

Reality cannot necessarily be gauged by the five senses.

Some things in this universe that are invisible, are absolutely undeniable. Life, for example, is invisible, yet the evidence of life – everything that is alive – is clear. Creativity itself is not something you can see, but it expresses as beautiful art and music. Love is invisible but you can feel its effects. Compassion and forgiveness are not visible but are certainly palpable. Joy is not visible but its effects are life-changing. God is visible only through its creation.

The only way to be sure whether I am looking through the distorted lens of my perceptions, or whether I am experiencing reality, is by the effect it has on me.

The world of condensed energy and low vibration, the world of my perception is dense. Tension, anger, depression, worry, lack and addictions are its effects. Consciousness is a function of the higher vibratory frequencies, but unconsciousness is the hallmark of the lower frequencies. That’s why it’s possible to be miserable and depressed for hours and days on end, and still be only be vaguely aware that we’re even unhappy. The world that is the coagulated reflection of the unconscious mind is dense and gross and fascinating, like a car crash. It attracts, and like unconscious zombies we follow, addicted to the drama and fear mongering presented on the evening news, the Enquirer and the Jerry Springer show.

Consciousness is a function of the higher frequencies.

To reach the ineffable we must make a conscious choice. You must be conscious to experience consciousness. The way to sneak in, is through the vibration of gratitude. When you become aware that you are alive and conscious, gratitude is the first and most natural vibratory reaction. In fact, when you are not in gratitude, you are not conscious!

When you first wake up in the morning, when you are barely conscious, you feel the grip of the demons of the subconscious mind. Let me tell you that very few, extremely blessed individuals wake up without the demons. Everyone has taken some damage, has developed some false beliefs no matter how perfect their childhood may have been. There is no point in trying to figure out why you feel this way. You can’t solve a problem from the level of the problem. Sloshing around in it just keeps you in the problem. You can choose gratitude as a matter of discipline. You probably won’t know in those first few minutes what you are even grateful for, but don’t let that stop you. As soon as the vibration of gratitude filters in, you’ll know: you are grateful for the gift of life, for your breath and your heart beating. You are grateful for another day on this earth. You’ll feel the joy spreading. It will inform your face. (Smiling actually releases endorphin’s!) Now you are out of the grip of the false beliefs of the damaged subconscious that would keep you locked up forever. You are seeing Reality and now you are able to see the visible world as it is: an absolutely stunning place to be! Now, when you take a walk with your dog you can be aware of the blue sky and feel the warmth of the sunshine. With discipline and practice, gratitude can become your overriding frequency. It can become the place where you live.

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