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4 Simple Steps to Greater Health

As we get older it takes a bit more daily maintenance to feel strong and vital.  Under ideal conditions, our bodies are capable of living to 120 years, but our living conditions are not ideal. Stress, pollution, lack of proper exercise, and a diet of chemically processed, denatured foods turn out bodies acidic.

Acidity is the reason for premature aging and it is the underlying cause for every disease. Toxins and inflammation-causing free radicals clog our cells, arteries, organs and joints, causing pain and making us feel sluggish and tired. If you’re over 40, chances are you have begun feeling it. You just don’t have the energy and stamina you once had. You wake up puffy and achy, and that’s if you’re healthy, meaning you haven’t been diagnosed with an illness.. You think you’re just getting old but what you really feeling is toxic acid building up in your body.

The great news is that it is relatively easy to get rid of these accumulated toxins and get the old machinery back in top shape.  Here are four simple steps to start each day out right. It really doesn’t take a lot of time but will make a huge difference in helping you feel markedly revitalized and energized.

 1) Replace your first cup of coffee with a cup of ionized hot water with (organic) lemon and honey.

Set a pot of water to boil before you head for the bathroom. By the time you’re ready, so is your water (About 20 minutes)  Add one teaspoon of honey and one quarter of a lemon. You will be amazed how delicious and energizing this drink is. The negative ions from the boiled water give your body a healthy, energizing boost by neutralizing and flushing the positively charged, acidic toxins. The lemon and honey cleans harmful bacteria from the intestinal tract and assists in eliminating accumulated waste. Honey assists the immune system. Use honey that is local to you, it helps you fight your local viruses and bacteria.

Extra Credit: Tote a thermos of ionized water to work with you and take little sips throughout the day to continue detoxing those free radicals from your body all day long. You will be rewarded with extra energy and great skin!

 2) Dry brush your body with a loofah
glove or a natural bristle brush.  

Brush from the bottom up, towards the lymph glands, beginning with your right leg, left leg; right arm, left arm. Then brush your belly in clockwise motion. Then brush your chest toward your heart.  The lymph glands are located at the inside top of your inner thigh and at the inside top of your arms, also behind your belly button and by your heart. This helps with lymph drainage and improves circulation, makes you feel strong and vital.

3) Massage your whole body
with (organic) coconut oil.

Organic, food-grade coconut oil is available at health food stores. Rub naturally anti-bacterial coconut oil all over your whole body, starting with your scalp. Massage the arms and legs in long strokes and make circular strokes around the joints. End with a quick foot massage.  This fabulous smelling, seriously de-stressing indulgence has serious health benefits.  It removes toxins from the layers of the skin and removes plaque from the blood vessels to prevent hardening of the arteries. It stimulates growth hormone production and improves immunity.  After your massage, jump in the shower. Use soap only where necessary. Pad dry.  Your skin will feel great and look like you’re twenty again.

4) Detoxify and cleanse your feet daily.

The body expels toxins through the soles of the feet. If feet are not cleaned thoroughly, these toxins become reabsorbed into the body. Smooth-Feet is specially formulated to neutralize toxins, while deep-cleansing the skin and removing calluses.  Apply daily, either by hand or using a foot brush, then rinse thoroughly. Smooth a tiny amount of coconut oil to moisturize and reduce new bacterial growth.

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