Running Away Or Necessary Course Correction?

Nobody likes a quitter. Someone who lacks the intestinal fortitude to see it all the way through. Those who do not stay the course they themselves have set for themselves. Things get a little hard and they quit and run – five minutes before the miracle! They could have been a contender! They could have made a difference! Instead they let all their precious potential go to waste.

But what if you try and try but your destination seems to be slipping further and further from your fingers? There are instances when dogged determination may not be in your best interest…

The Wrong Road

When you are going 100mph down the wrong road, quitting is the only sane thing to do. The same is true if you’re going down the wrong career path. Because what you’re doing will not get you to where you want to go and no amount of staying power will make it so. Fanatically staying the wrong course is not smart; it is stupid.

Heed The Signs

How do you know if you’re on the wrong road? Read the signs! When you’re in Chicago heading for New York and you start seeing signs for Phoenix – it is time to pull over! Same is true if you’re on the wrong career path – your gut will tell you. You won’t feel good; maybe you’re anxious or you don’t sleep well or you’re simply not having any fun. Ignoring the signs is not smart; it is stupid. Staying the course will not get you to where you want to go and in the final outcome your trip – or your life – will feel like it has been a giant waste!

Not No – Not Yet

But what if you’re sure you’re on the right path yet the signs seem to indicate that you’re failing? This tells you that, at present, one or more required elements are missing. It could be skill you’re lacking, or strength or training or perhaps your timing is simply off. It’s not a no, it is simply a ‘not yet’. Stubbornly staying the course when you clearly don’t yet have all the necessary requirements is not honorable, it is hubris.

You wouldn’t go for your doctoral thesis while you’re still in high school. Even if you were as smart as Sheldon Cooper you would not possibly yet possess the vision and breadth of experience required. Ultimately, you would fall short of the results you could have achieved, had you simply waited until you were ready.

There is no shame in calling for a retreat so you can live to fight another day. Most worthwhile goals are hard fought-for, which means trying and failing along the way. Every seeming failure contains new skills and new knowledge to take you further towards your ultimate goal.

Blurry Vision

There is also the possibility that you simply have blurry vision when it comes to your future. Many people are afraid to define their goals too sharply because they think if they are too specific about what they want they will never get it. In reality, the exactly the opposite is true. Unless you know exactly what you want you can never get it. This is true for anything, even simply ordering food in a restaurant. If you don’t order what you want you won’t get it. The clearer and more focused you are on your desires the more likely – and the faster! – you will get exactly that.

Don’t Wait. Life Is Short.

If your life or your career feel like they’re going nowhere; you find yourself bored or dissatisfied then it is time to create forward movement. You create forward movement by sharpening your vision. I can help you become clear on your path so that you can get there quicker and with greater satisfaction. Life is short! Don’t wait to start living!

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