Inertia – Law of Nature or Self-Sabotage?

Today’s the day! I got a new gym membership! New gym bag? Check! Cute new outfit? Check! Yoga mat? Check!

I am excited. I can picture my new, lean and lithe body. I am ready. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

And just as you’re about
to head out the door ……ugh!

Gosh, I’m tired all of a sudden. My body is so heavy. Maybe I’m coming down with something? Even my eyes feel heavy now. Now my back starts to hurt a little. Maybe I should wait to go to the gym? It’s not healthy to start a new routine when I’m not feeling well, right?

See? I knew it? You’re not going to do it this time, either! You’re never going to lose weight! You’re fat! You’re a loser!

Now the only thing off and running is your head. Naturally, the floggings will continue until moral improves!

Sound familiar? Of course it does! Actually we all deal with this in one form or another several times a day. If it’s not the gym, it’s something else. Maybe that sales call you’re planning to make? That article you’re supposed to write? Or just the mountain of laundry that needs tackling?

It’s called Inertia and actually, it’s nothing to be afraid of! A body at rest tends to stay at rest…..

Inertia is a side effect of gravity. I think we can all agree that gravity is a good thing. Without it things would simply be a mess. We’d be flying around in space someplace and we certainly wouldn’t get a single thing done. Gravity affect everything on this planet – not just our physical bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions. Everything that is subject to gravity is also subject to inertia.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion…..

Inertia must simply be overcome in order to get things moving, whether on a physical or emotional level. This is actually really easy to do if you just consider the fact that inertia is simply a law of physics. Feel the inertia and simply tell yourself “It’s not me! It’s just gravity! It’s normal! It’s natural. Let’s get moving…” If you don’t make it personal, it’s just that easy.

Inertia is not a character defect!

So then why is it so hard to get yourself to the gym? Because you make it personal!

You feel the feeling of the pull on your body and you think it’s you. You think it means that you are lazy. Or worse – a loser! “Who do you think you are thinking you can change anyway?” In other words, you trigger the old tapes in your head. Now it’s not about simple physical law anymore. Now it has grown into full-blown self-sabotage.

Back to Basics

You could write a Complaint about it and try to learn what’s behind this particular act of self-sabotage, and perhaps you should – later!

Right now though, it’s not time to pull out pen and paper. Right now it’s time to get your assets to the gym, remember? If you throw your gym bag in the corner now, the terrorists will have won. Score one for the bad guys.

Right now, simply make yourself aware that what you are feeling is Inertia. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not sick. And most of all, you are not lazy. You live on this planet and you are feeling gravity. Get over it! And get moving!


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