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How does life show up for you?  Do people let you down, neglect you or betray you? Are you criticized and victimized?  Do you find yourself in the same situations over and over again?

Guess what? It’s not them – it’s you!
And that is great news!

All the people and circumstances in your life are exact mirror reflections of your own subconscious beliefs about yourself.

Those beliefs carry energetic frequencies, and the Law of Attraction brings their energetic match into your life. For example, abandonment carries the frequency of being abandoned. You will continuously attract experiences where you are left, forgotten about, passed over or minimized, because those experiences carry the same energetic frequency; and every instance of abandonment feeds that energy. The problem with subconscious beliefs is that they are sub – conscious, meaning we’re not consciously aware of what’s running the show. There we go making big decisions and really have no clue why we do what we do. Those subconscious abandonment issues keep us hanging on to the bad relationship, all because we don’t want to be lonely. So we keep finding reasons to hang in there – and we keep getting disappointed.

Here is the great news – once we realize that what’s happening is our own subconscious playing itself out, those hidden beliefs are no longer hidden. We don’t have to be victims any longer. We are free to find the answers!

More great news – we can stop blaming others. We can stop all those resentments. (Remember: Resentment is the poison you take, hoping the other person will die).  No matter how hard we may try, how much we manipulate or threaten or how frustrated we get, we can’t change people to better suit our needs. We can, however change ourselves. We can recognize the false beliefs that held us captive. Next time when you’re hurt and angry because the boss criticized your work, remember: It’s always YOU talking to YOU. What’s playing out is your subconscious belief that you’re not good enough. It’s YOU criticizing YOU. Realize it. Then STOP IT!

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