How To Find The Love You Want –
“You’re Gonna Love Me!”

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Jennifer Hudson was fabulous in Dream Girls but her character Effie White ended up sad and lonely. So what can you do to be more like Jennifer and less like Effie?

The truth is there’s nothing you can do to make someone love you but not for the reason you might think. Certainly it’s true that you can’t control someone else’s feelings but the real reason you can’t make someone love you is because…

What you experience is never their feelings for you but your feelings about yourself.

You can’t force a mirror to show you anything other than what is there. A mirror reflects – in your case your loneliness. You feel loneliness and it’s what multiplies. That’s called the Law of Attraction. There are no exceptions to that rule. You lament your unfulfilled need – and what you get is more needing.

There is never a time when the Law says, “Oh Man, she’s so sad and lonely – let’s send her someone.” That’s not how it works. The Law is impersonal. It can only return to you what you are putting out.

You cannot reap something you didn’t sow!

The reason the Buddha is always depicted as laughing is because he realized that everything he had been so desperately seeking had been within him all along.  The very act of seeking something implies that you think you don’t have it.

The fact is, you don’t really need love. You have more than enough love inside you to give away. Your intellect tells you that you don’t have enough – but you are not your intellect. The YOU who you really are – the Presence within – is Love itself.

Life is about becoming aware that everything you need is already present.

D O G Is The Answer! I don’t mean that you necessarily have to go down to your local Humane Society and adopt to get the love you want but it’s true that animals are wonderful teachers. They just do want comes naturally – they let love flow without condition – that’s what makes them so lovable.


The same love that is in a dog is also in you. You see, there is only one love. There are not two, or a million; there is only one love in its infinite expressions. Here then is the secret to feeling more love – do what your dog does: Let it flow!

This does require a conscious choice to adjust your focus! Most likely, your loneliness and your hurting, has become your go-to emotion; it’s like a well-worn groove now. You’ve been lonely so long you don’t know how to feel any other way anymore. So it takes a little bit of daily practice. The smallest effort on your part will be mightily rewarded. Your whole life will change dramatically when you begin to focus on allowing the love that is already within you to bubble up.

What You Look At Is What You See –

What You See Is What You Get.

So go ahead – love something! Anything! It may sound silly but at first I loved my Ugly Doll. I couldn’t trust any live humans but I could love that stuffed toy that had been with me through thick and thin. Love something! Let it bubble up from within you; then hold on to the feeling it evokes. That’s it! I know it sounds really way too simple.

Rinse and repeat!

Once you allow the Love-energy to flow from within you it colors everything you see, feel and experience. If you find yourself feeling lonely again, simply rinse and repeat – re-connect to the Love that is already within you.

Try it the results will astound you! I can promise you from personal experience that it’s like opening the floodgates to happiness. My life is so freaking good now that I have to get a little bigger every day just to take it all in. That’s not luck, that’s simply following the Principles.


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