How To Be Rich


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Great news: there is only one tiny reason why you are poor and it only takes one small shift to turn it all around!

I am not talking about being rich in spirit here. I am talking about having it all – Abundance, baby, with a capital A! Ease, harmony, as opposed to lack, limitation and struggling to make ends meet. It doesn’t take a rich uncle or winning the lottery. We’ve all heard the stories of people who were ill prepared to receive such sudden windfalls and it ruined their lives.  When ego gets hold of anything trouble is sure to follow.

To turn it all around requires a shift in Consciousness. For that to happen you need to know the Truth of who you are.

You are more than what shows up in the mirror. You are more than your body. Your body is like your car. It gets you around but it is not you. You are not your mind either. Your mind is like your computer. It gathers, processes and stores information and reports it to you. You are the Presence within. You are Consciousness.

Human beings are a lot like icebergs – only about 4% is visible; 96% is unseen. As icebergs are frozen water swimming in more water; you are individualized Consciousness immersed in Universal Consciousness.

Universal Consciousness is the Source of everything. You could say it is the idea from which everything arises. It is the sum total of all wisdom and knowledge – if it’s knowable it’s in Universal Consciousness. Even if it’s something that will be known in the future because, you see, Universal Consciousness exists outside of time and space. No past, present, future – everything is now. No space and dimensionality – that’s why your 96% don’t show but that doesn’t mean they are not there.

But your mind, your computer doesn’t know that. Just like your car’s computer only knows about the car, your computer, also called the ego (for the Latin word for ‘I’) only knows about the physical world.

In the physical world it doesn’t look like you are connected to anything. You are separated from everyone, alone and exposed. Life is about competition, survival of the fittest. You ego compares and always finds someone smarter, faster and richer. Your are not the fittest – and what does that say for your chances of survival? The ego knows it will die and it always afraid of this inevitable, terrible end.

But that’s not you! You are eternal Consciousness. You are connected to Universal Consciousness, which is the Source of all Abundance. Just look at nature all around you! There are billions of trees with trillions of leaves. How many gallons of water in the seven oceans? How many kernels of sand on countless beaches? How many blades of grass just in your front yard? Let’s not even talk about the cosmos. There the numbers are so big they must be expressed in the abstract. Let’s instead turn to your own body: 75 trillion cells – that’s 75,000,000,000,000 cells in your body, all working together in perfect harmony to make that car that carries you around this physical world.

Universal Consciousness is abundant. It makes no sense whatsoever that it would make an exception in your life. You are abundant, opulent and that is how you are meant to live.

But you have been listening to your ego. You have been focusing on what do not have. It is very clearly spelled out in the bible: To those who have, much will be given. To those who have not, even the little they have will be taken away.” Another way to put this is this: The rich get richer, and the poor get even poorer. Why is that?

It is called the Law of Attraction. It is a law of nature, as is electricity, as is aerodynamics and it goes like this: What you focus on, you get more of. If you focus on what you have – you get more having. If you focus on what you need – you get more needing.

As long as you see only your lack you will continue to lack. Someone could give you money but it would be like pouring it into a hole. You will be poor again tomorrow.

To turn it all around you need to focus on what you do have – and you have plenty!! It might just be your strength, your ability to work. Celebrate that! ‘Have’ that. It might be your talents that you “have”. Realize that you have more than you need because you do.

Your ‘having’ resides in the 96%, not in the 4%. Don’t look at your bank account and say, ‘Yeah, but I am still poor.’ What you will get is more ‘poor’.

The 4% are not meant to keep the 96% afloat. It is the other way around. The 96% are supposed to express in the 4% – ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. Your gifts, your talents, your strengths are meant to be expressed in your life. Focus on what you have – then the Abundance that is everywhere will show up in your life. This is the Law and it cannot be otherwise.

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