The Big Bang Truth

The Universal Intelligence is Love.

THE Love – that same vibration is
that is present whenever you love something.

There is a unique phenomenon about Love that makes it unlike anything else. Love grows as it gives of Itself. The more It loves, the more It grows. It doesn’t run out. It only grows. You can experience this yourself when you love something or someone.

Nothing else in the Universe does that. Everything eventually runs out, burns itself out. Only Love remains. Love has no opposite, no hell, no devil. Nothing else could prevail. Hate is not a thing is itself. It is simply an ignorance of Love. Just as darkness is not a thing of itself but simply an absence of light.

Love, in this infinite Givingness that It is, has grown so intense that It burst forth into the Visible World – the Big Bang.
The Big Bang was Love bursting forth from No-thingness into Visibility – into Life.

This process, once begun continues infinitely, creating galaxies at millions of miles per minute – right now, as you are reading this. It’s unimaginably vast.

Yet this Love is everywhere there is Life. Life is Its expression in the Visible world. It is with you right now in its Fullness. You can never be separated from It. You would cease to exist. All of LIfe is within you – not a little bit within you, some more in your neighbor. You are fully alive right now. As all of Life is within you, all of Love is within you because it is the same thing.
So please don’t wonder whether you are lovable. Please don’t think that there could be something you might have done, or not done things that would cause God not to love you. God loves you simply because It doesn’t know how to do anything else. It is Love Itself – and you are Its beloved Expression.

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