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 Having It All –

Or Learning How To Juggle Chainsaws

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You have it all – great kids, great marriage, great house, great job. You love it all. Each represents an important part of you. There’s no way you could choose one over the other. So why does it feel like you’re juggling chainsaws? You’re so overwhelmed you feel like you’re going to break in half – and that thought stresses you out even more.

It’s a good life – you just wish that there weren’t so much of it! It starts in the morning. You wake up exhausted. You wish you had a few extra minutes of sleep but truth is, your churning mind wouldn’t let you rest anymore anyway. Your To-Do list triggers anxiety. You’re wondering how much longer you can keep it up before it all comes crashing down.

What we experience in life
is a reflection of ourselves

Our experiences let us know whether we are blocking or allowing the powerful Universal Flow. When we are stressed and unhappy it is a clear indication that we are living only on the surface level.

The Iceberg Principles provide an illustration of who we are as human beings – much like an iceberg only four percent shows on the surface; ninety-six percent is invisible and non-dimensional but this is where our strength lies. When you live divorced from your own authenticity and power it’s no wonder you feel weak, stressed, overwhelmed, worried and pressured.

Life unfolds at will.
There is very little we can do about it.

Does that thought give you anxiety? Does it make you feel out of control? It shouldn’t – trust the Universe. Everything ultimately happens for the highest good. We are called human beings instead of human doings because we are not meant to work that hard.

We are immersed in a Universe of Love, Joy, Harmony and Wellbeing. It is the source of Beauty and Abundance and it is everywhere around you if you are aware of it. So the trick is to expand your awareness so you can see what’s right in front of your nose!

I know it may not always feel that way from where you are sitting, but life is meant to be FUN! We are meant to connect with the Flow of the Universe and enjoy the ride.

Here is the good news:  
you are already connected.

You could never be disconnected from it any more than you could be disconnected from your own heartbeat. Whether you focus on it or not – it’s always there. It’s that ninety-six percent I was talking about earlier. It’s the invisible part of you. It’s the inner voice, that gut feeling that you are always ignoring. The process of consciously connecting the ninety-six percent to the four percent is called meditation.

I can hear it already – ‘I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone meditate! That’s your surface mind talking! Your surface mind can only tell you about the surface level. It has no idea your ninety-six percent even exist! That’s why it’s always telling you to ignore your gut feelings. You know what happens every time you ignore your gut feelings! Right!?!!

So it’s time to ignore the surface mind for a second. You will be absolutely amazed what happens when you take just ten minutes for yourself every morning.

You don’t have to become the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree.  Meditation doesn’t have to be some complicated practice; it really only means to take time to listen within so that you can hear your own voice. If you want a little more explanation and a simple technique to help you go to my website for my eBook, Meditation – Discover the Giant Within.

I can promise you that you will be blown away by what a huge difference just ten minutes a day makes. The funny thing is that you won’t miss the time from your schedule at all. In fact, your schedule will miraculously open up and you will have more time available – which you can then add on to your meditation time – which will add more time to your schedule. Your stress level will decrease dramatically.

Then YOU will finally get to be the woman who gets to have it all  – and enjoy it all – without feeling like you have to juggle chainsaws. (Isn’t that at least worth a try?)

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