Happiness – Why Is It So Elusive?

Happiness – Why Is It So Elusive

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Most people think that maybe they will finally be happy when all their ducks are in a row.

There is just one problem –
ducks don’t do that!


We will never find true happiness as long as we consider only the surface level. In my book, The Iceberg Principles I illustrate that human beings are much like icebergs: only a tiny part shows on the surface; the rest is unseen.

The visible part, the body and mind – that’s the surface but there is much more to us than meets the eye. The unseen part is Consciousness. It is there that lays our unique mix of gifts and talents and characteristics. This is the important part; the part that defines who we are and why we are here. Because we are not here just to live and die; we are here to express a specific purpose and our gifts and talents are the tools for the job.

To find true happiness, those pieces must fall into place. In order for that to happen we must know two things: We need to know what the pieces are and how  we want them to fall.

In other words, we need to know who we are and where our passion and purpose lies. Most people don’t know the answer to either question.

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It seems that everyone is pretty clear on what it is they DON’T want and that’s what they spend most of their time thinking about: stress at work, last night’s fight with our significant other, the guy who cut us off on the freeway or all the aches and pains in our body.

When I ask people what it is they DO want very few have a clear answer. Sometimes I do get a clear response but it makes me sad. When I ask what it is someone would most love to do they tell me, ‘Nothing. What I would love to just sit on the couch and do nothing at all.’

Of course this can’t possibly be true. Nobody wants to do absolutely nothing. They would be bored! These people have suppressed their natural gifts and talents for so long that they are no longer aware that they even have them. They have spent their lives squeezed into tight, little boxes into which they did not fit and where they could not grow that they have simply gone numb. They are depressed and don‘t even know it.

Very few people live their lives conscious of their natural gifts and talents.


Most ignore those things, believing that just because something comes easy to them it must be mundane and commonplace. They disregard and devalue their natural talents until they lose touch with them. They are out of sync with their passions and hence their purpose in life. They are no longer aligned with their own inner power and wonder why they feel overwhelmed and stressed. They spend their lives on autopilot; subsisting only on the surface level.

We are more than our body and our mind; we are the Consciousness, the Presence within.

The body is the vehicle for Consciousness and the mind is the computer. It is a sophisticated, intelligent and sentient machine we call the Ego. It processes, evaluates and stores every bit of information that has occurred in our life, but still – it is not who we are.

The ego is unaware of the Consciousness we are. Much like your car’s computer is only aware of your car, your ego is only aware of the physical level. It is unaware that you have gifts and talents and a mandate to express them. When you want to pursue your dreams, the ego poo-poos your efforts and ridicules them as flights of fancy.

The ego views itself as separate, disconnected from others and alone. It sees life as competition – only the strongest survive. So it constantly compares itself to everyone else and discovers to its dismay that there is always someone faster, smarter and stronger out there. The ego lives in fear because it is aware that at the end it will die. To the ego everything is life or death; everything is drama. Does any of this feel familiar?

Unless we make a conscious effort we all live on the surface. On the surface, all we hear is the voice of the ego – that’s constant, chattering self-talk that inundates us with such brutal negativity.

There is only one solution: we must take our lives off autopilot. We must become consciously aware that we are Consciousness.


We need to learn to tune in, to listen to the inner voice that is always guiding us. It is there for everyone, it’s those gut feelings we are always ignoring to our detriment.

The way to tune consciously into the inner broadcast is through meditation. Don’t worry; meditation doesn’t have to be a big deal. You don’t have to become a Buddha under the Bodhi tree. Go to my website, www.MarniSpencerDevlin.com for a free download on how to make a regular practice of taking a few minutes each morning to make contact with your own Consciousness. I promise that it will make a massive difference in your life.

It will be like finding a long-lost friend when you come into alignment with you true self. You will also make contact with a huge powerhouse of energy, strength and vitality. Best of all you will rediscover those things that you are truly passionate about and that represent the tools for your destiny.

Ultimately the only way to find true happiness is through the expression of your destiny.

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