The Iceberg Principles Home Study Program
Includes The Book

What Does It Take To Live A Life Full Of Meaning, Authenticity And Happiness? Discover Your Own Inner Power And Life Purpose With The Iceberg Principles! There is so much more to you than what meets the eye. Believe it or not, this physical world, the world that we see in front of us, is not all there is. There is much, much more than you can possibly imagine, and it is this “invisible” part of ourselves that holds the key to our creativity, abundance and wellbeing. Think of yourself as an iceberg. There are two parts: the visible tip above the water line, which is about 4%, and the foundation that lies beneath...

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30-Day Confidence Builder Challenge

30 Days To Build The Habit Of Confidence… …An Email Each Morning Designed To Help You Start The Day Out Right …Inspiration Specifically Designed To Lift Your Confidence …Your Daily Challenge To Make Each Day Better Than The Last No More Hiding In The Shadows. Time To Live Out Loud! 30-Day Confidence Builder Challenge Certainty About Your Next Step Access To New Ideas More Success And Happiness Greater Sense Of...

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The 7 Secret Laws Of Success

Seven Tele-seminar Series Private Q&A Access to Marni After Each Session Seven Workbook Unlimited Replays UNLOCK YOUR QUANTUM POWERS AND MAKE 2015 YOUR BREAK-THROUGH YEAR! Learn How to Ignite Your Success, Attract Greater Abundance, Improve Your Health, Energy & Vitality, Tune To Your Inner Guidance, Unlock Your True Creativity, Experiencing Ease, Joy & Peace Without Adding One More Practice To Your Crowded To-Do...

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Meditate – Discover the Giant Within

eBook, and Audio version Learn to feel your own Presence. Step-by-step instructions to have a conscious experience of your own...

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Perfect Place & Perfect Time Guided Meditation

Enjoy beautiful imagery and be guided in a meditation to experience your perfect positioning in the universe. Relax, de-stress and let go to enjoy the wonderful, warm feeling of deep connection with your own inner Presence so you can be free to hear the voice of your Soul. Lovingly created and spoken by Marni...

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The Iceberg Principles – the Truth about the Universe and your place in it

Marni’s paradigm-shifting explanation of who we are as human beings, why we suffer as we do and what to do about it.  ...

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