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We live in an ever more rapidly expanding Universe.
Everything is always growing, emerging, getting
bigger and better than it was before.

You can’t stop Mother Nature! Grass will grow through cement if it has to! New shoots poking their little heads through snow and ice if necessary. Wounds heal. We take for granted that no matter how badly we sliced up that finger, in a few days it will be all better.

If you read the newspaper or listen to the news, of course, you get a different picture. You could get hives if you listen to it long enough. Countries are being destroyed by wars and earthquakes. The economies of the world are in crisis. Companies are going out of business because there is no work. More and more people losing their homes and living on Unemployment, all while the tax base is eroding. Everything is always breaking down and there is less and less money to fix it.

But if it feels more like the world
is going to hell in a hand basket, think again.

The world has gotten better and better in the last hundred years. Our standard of living has increased exponentially. People are more educated, better fed, better dressed, live longer and generally more at ease than ever before. That, too is a fact.

So what now? Is the world getting better and better, or it is going to hell in a hand basket? Both! You have to break eggs to make an omelet. The old has to break down to make room for new growth to emerge. You can’t have one without the other. There is no way that the old can remain – too small, too used, too dirty, it must get out of the way or everything will become ever more cluttered and polluted.

Everything is growing – even the rate of growth of the Universe is growing! If it sometimes feels that things are getting worser and worser – they are! For accelerated growth, there must be accelerated break-down. Whether you like it or not, it’s simple math.

We have a choice here. Will we focus on what’s
breaking down or on what is emerging?

We can rigidly look at all the things that are breaking, dying and going away, or we can get with the program and grow ourselves. We can see that every bad thing will bring about a crisis and every crisis will bring about a break-down of the old – be it political leaderships, economic models, outmoded ideas, relationships that have run their course, old cars, old clothes, old shoes – so that new and better can emerge.

When we consciously focus on the growth that is emerging, we add our own expanding consciousness to that of the ever expanding Universe, which allows good to emerge faster. But most importantly we ourselves lead happier lives and open ourselves up to living at our own highest potential.

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