Failure Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

When things don’t turn
out the way you plan…

….don’t just do something – sit there!

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A project you worked really hard on, goes awry, you don’t get the promotion you were gunning for…. You gave it your all, worked so hard, but sometimes in life things don’t turn out the way you plan… Could it be that the thing for which you tried to manipulate heaven and earth simply wasn’t yours to have?

We as Americans don’t like to hear that. We consider it a personal failure when we don’t reach a goal we have set for ourselves. When things don’t go our way our tendency, is to try harder, work even longer hours and push even farther. We remember the tale of the two frogs that fell into the vat of cream. One gave up and died. The other however struggled and struggled until finally all his churning began to turn the cream into butter, which he used as a stepping-stone to climb out. It’s what we tell out children in order to teach them not to give up. It’s a good, necessary lesson to learn but it does not apply in all cases.

Possibilities [Not] Unlimited

We live in an infinite Universe, full of infinite possibilities but that does not mean that our individual possibilities are unlimited. On a fundamental level we are who we are and that is unchangeable. If you are born with blue eyes you can wear contacts to cover that fact but nothing can change the fact that your eyes are blue. Equally, you were born with a mix of gifts and talents and characteristics that are uniquely your own. The trick is to discover and then hone and finally express the highest version of exactly who you are. Then success is not far behind.

When you try to be something or do something you’re not you are fighting the tides. An acorn cannot become an apple tree, no matter how hard it tries. When we struggle and struggle and success fails to show up it may simply be because we’ve been trying to acorns into apples. No amount of determination will make it happen. When we struggle that hard to make something happen, we have to ask ourselves what is driving us.

Where There’s A Will – There’s A Wall

Get your ego out of the way and listen to your gut for a minute! It’ll always tell you the Truth. If you really listen it will tell you that the apple tree you tried to make grow was never actually what you wanted. You were listening to the surface mind. Your ego was involved. Maybe you were chasing money or fame. Or someone else told you that you would be cool if you had it. You thought something on the outside would make you feel better on the inside, and that never works!

When you are expressing an idea that originates from the real you, there is very little you need to do to make it happen.  You have to hone your qualities and become the best you, you can be. All you have to do is plant the acorn into the ground, give it some good soil, water it every now and again – and then get out of the way. What will emerge is the strong, solid oak tree that was meant to emerge. The Universe does the growing. You  re not meant to work that hard.

Listen within – what is it that you are truly passionate about? That’ll be a great clue as to what your personal ‘oak tree’ is. Hone those qualities to excellence. That is how you create the conditions for the things you dream about to emerge. Then get out of the way. The Universe does the rest. Things will fall into place with great ease.

Life reflects back
what you are putting into it.

That’s called the Law Of Attraction. Life is hard until you die is BS! And BS stands for belief system. Ultimately, that’s the only thing that you can really change about yourself.

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