How To Figure Out What Makes You Tick

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I’m always on about how human beings are a lot like icebergs. Today I want to explain a little bit more of what I mean by that.  Of course, we are not literally icebergs. We’re not made of frozen water; we’re not cold. The iceberg is imagery to help us become aware that we are not just physical beings with intelligence – there is much more to us than meets the eye. And that ‘more to us’ is the key to our entire existence.

It is literally the key to whether we will be happy, healthy and wealthy or miserable, depressed, poor and waiting for some disease to kill us.

Methinks it may be worthwhile to try to understand a little bit more about what makes us tick. So, back to the iceberg: there is the tip of the iceberg, that’s the only thing that shows.

In human terms, that’s the physical part, the part that shows in the mirror: When you look in the mirror it’s only you standing there. You are alone. You are not connected to anything and your survival depends on you and you alone. We seek relationships, allies because there is strength in numbers but in the final analysis we are alone.

We’re tall or short, beautiful or plain, strong or weak, well muscled or fat. We gauge our chances depending on the cards we have been dealt. The better the outer picture the more we will depend on our looks or brawn. We’ll identify more strongly with the physical. Those that cannot boast of a physical trump card will look to their intelligence to get them through. Brain capacity may not be visible in the mirror but it still informs the physical. Smart people look a certain way perhaps cultivating nerdiness to give them an air of superiority. Intelligence is still an attribute of the physical. In the animal kingdom it’s survival of the fittest. It may be less obvious on our human level but little has changed since we learned to walk upright and put on clothes. Because now it’s about which clothes we wear, and which car we drive and where we live. It’s still survival of the fittest only now the game is played with numbers in a bank account.

It’s a man’s world and it will always be that way, not because God is a man or because “He” hates women. It’s simply because the masculine is more physically identified. The only way women can play in that arena is by also becoming physically identified but you’ll never be that good when you are playing someone else’s game. The feminine is by nature less physically identified because it has different qualities. Feminine qualities are generally not valued, particularly in the physically identified, Western World because they are intangible.

The feminine shines in a different arena and it is a much larger one. Back to the iceberg for that one: the visible surface of the iceberg is only 4%; the part that is submerged and invisible is 96%.  (I challenge you right now to go and get a glass of water and float an ice cube in it. See how very little shows on top; see how small 4% really is.)  What this means in our human terms is that intangible qualities are of greater importance than physical qualities. It is the intangible qualities that define who we are as human beings. We might be attracted to someone physically but it is his or her personality and character that determines whether we will become friends. Eventually, the physical fades aware but the intangible qualities are timeless.

Feminine capacities to love and understand and care are non-physical, non-substantial, intangible yet more definitive than brawn.  It is important to note that I am not speaking of men and woman here. I am speaking of masculine and feminine qualities, which are present in varying degrees in both men and women.

What does all of this have to do with our happiness, health and wealth? When trying to figure out what makes us happy, healthy and wealthy in life we need to take our whole being into consideration. While one’s physical abilities are important and certainly play a role in our individual purpose we need to give greater weight to our intangible qualities.

Our intangible gifts and talents,
likes and dislikes are not accidental.

They are the tools for the
fulfillment of our reason for living.

Back to the imagery: while an iceberg is frozen water immersed in more water, we are individual consciousness that is immersed in universal consciousness.

Here is where it gets tricky since we think with our intellect and the intellect has a tendency to ignore the intangible. It wants to deny its existence despite overwhelming empirical evidence. Asking the intellect about the origins of life and consciousness is like asking your laptop what you should have for dinner. You and your laptop don’t live in the same reality; neither do your intellect and your consciousness. Try and feel your way into this rather than trying to understand it with your intellect.


We are individualized expression of the universal consciousness that started it all; the source and the origin of everything. The 4% of the physical world is only out-picturing, the mirror image of the actual, which is intangible. It is without dimension and therefor not measurable but it is the pool of all wisdom and knowledge. It is the inspiration behind every idea that started any project. It is the source of beauty that shows in inspired art and is reflected in every sunset. It is the source of abundance that shows up in your bank account.

The physical dimension is not the source; it is just the mirror image. In consciousness everything is connected. As an iceberg originates from water, we originate in consciousness. One life animates us all. We are separate only on the physical level. Life is a struggle for survival only when we are focused on the 4%. Life is an adventure in paradise when we focus on the 96%. When the 96% surface in the 4% we literally have heaven on earth.

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