Crawling Into The Light

When you discover the reason why you are
here you can transcend anything…

From the Author Marni Spencer-Devlin

I wrote this book for two reasons.

I held nothing back. I was completely open, honest and raw because I know that somebody is going through at least one, if not more of the things I described, and I want them to know that there is a way through. I know from my own painful experience what when you are in it there is no hope; only darkness and pain.

I wanted to be a shining beacon of hope and inspiration to those that are suffering and tell them, “I have been down here before and I know the way out!”

Which brings me to the second reason I wrote the book: The Light!

There is so much more to life that just survival. We are Giants! We all have unique gifts and talents that we came to earth to express. Until we do we will feel out of sync with ourselves and the world around us.

Again, my message is hope. When you decode your spiritual DNA – that specific mix of gifts and talents that is uniquely your own – and you begin to share it with the world, life stops being about pain and suffering and becomes about joy and enthusiasm. Life stops being about unmet needs and disappointments and becomes about what you have to share and contribute to the world!

That’s the real reason I wrote this book: It was just too good to keep inside!

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