Be You – Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Be You – Everyone Else Is Already Taken

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 It’s a wonderful thought – to be special, to be extraordinary – so then why are we trying so hard to be like everyone else?

I always loved this quote by Oscar Wilde, “Be you, everyone else is already taken” – but we never really consciously consider the amazing implications of what it means to be unique in the entire Universe. It’s an awesome responsibility. Think about it: You are second to none – because there is not another one like you anywhere on this planet or on any other. In all of time there has never been anyone exactly like you, and never will be. Nobody has or will ever have your fingerprints, your dental pattern or your exact mix of gifts and talents and capabilities. This is scientific fact, yet we never really contemplate this.

The Universe never did anything meaningless. Everything in nature is part of an intricate, ecological pattern and exists for a specific reason. It is not reasonable to suggest that a creature of your evolutionary sophistication exists for no reason at all. Since no one can ever take your place it can only mean that the world needs that special gift that only YOU can deliver!

But that is not how we live, is it? As soon as we’re teenagers we are completely focused on wanting to be just like everyone else and we have entire industries that support us in that endeavor. Scores of glossy magazines tell us exactly what everyone else is wearing or watching or listening to so we can be as cool as they are. We are inundated with commercials and advertisings that basically all have one message: IF you had this, THEN you would finally be okay. In other words: You’re not okay the way you are right now.

By the time we are adults we have forgotten that we are unique and special.  We have heard that there is something wrong with us for so long that we believe it. We have tried to be somebody we are not for so long that we have forgotten that we had special gifts and talents we were meant to share and express.

We have suppressed our own nature for so long that we have become depressed and anxious and in pain. We hurt and we believe that it is because there is something wrong with us. We believe that for us to ever experience a shred of happiness we must change pretty much everything about ourselves.  The various self-help industries further support us in that belief with tips and tools of changing everything from our dress size to the way we think.

 You Don’t Need To Change!  You Need To Become More YOU!

The problem isn’t that there is something wrong with you. The problem is that you are not being who you are. You are out of alignment with yourself. You are going against your own grain; that’s what is causing your pain. Pain in the reason we overeat, and drink too much and do all sorts of self-destructive things. You don’t need one more diet to be perfect, you just need to consider the Truth of who you are. You need to let yourself be you.

So what should you do to be more yourself? That’s just it – stop “shoulding” all over you. Try it for one week – let yourself be you. If you think you’re fat – so be it, be fat. It’s who you are for now. Just for this week, allow yourself to be exactly who you are. Don’t go against your grain for a change. Don’t beat yourself up. Feel yourself exactly the way you are now and let that be okay. Let the pain in you subside for a bit so your head can clear.

 Think about it: Being unique means being perfect because there is not a better version.

There is not a version 2.1 of you walking around anywhere. You are IT! Others are who they are. There are perfect in their own right. No one, not anyone anywhere is exactly the way you are and that makes you perfect and right exactly the way you are. That’s not hype. That’s not motivational rah-rah! That is Truth. Logic. Focus on the Perfection you are. What you see is what you get. The results will absolutely astound you!

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