Are you living your Highest Potential? –
A Fearless Look at Negativity

Negativity exists – and it’s a good thing!

Sticking your head in the sand, pretending it’s not there does not make it go away. In order to grow in Conscious Awareness, you cannot pretend to be less aware; you cannot ignore the elephant in the room. Negativity is, in fact a valuable tool for Awareness, a sign post that shows us where we currently are on our life journey.

Your thought about reality

The guy next to you could, and often does, have a completely different experience from the exact same set of circumstances. That is because the projections from the subconscious mind write the story of our life. How do you know what is being projected by your subconscious mind? Your life circumstances – the good as well as the bad – are a direct reflection, an exact mirror, of your subconscious beliefs.

Don’t ignore the problem – Complain!

Take a fearless look at those sign posts along our journey. Every complaint you have about your life tells you where you are; it is a direct out picturing of a belief you hold in your subconscious. If you want, you can save the money you were going to spend on the psychiatrist’s couch. It really doesn’t matter where your beliefs came from. We are only interested in finding underlying belief that prevents you from expressing your highest potential.

Write it out!

Complaint: ‘I don’t have enough money to make ends meet’ –

Underlying Belief: ‘I’m not really the guy that makes things happen – that’s other people. I don’t really amount to much, myself.”

Awareness Is the Key

The great news is that once you become aware of the message you can change it. It’s only the people that are unaware of the message that are stuck repeating the same story over and over again. Awareness is the first and most important step.

What is a belief, really?

A belief and a habit are basically the same – a groove in your neural net over which electrical thought energy travels and diverts into a certain direction, every time.

From Stuckness to Freedom

Now that you see your belief in front of you, you are free to decide what you want to do. Since your belief gave rise to a complaint, I assume that you would like things to be different.

Set a New Intention

Now that you know what you DON’T want, it is easier to see what it is you DO want. Take some time now to set an intention how you would like things to look in that area of your life.
Affirmation: I have more than enough money to do all the things I want to do.

It’ll feel weird at first – you are going against that groove in your neurons. Your thought energy will be a bit confused where to flow.

Put it on a piece of paper and look at it when your subconscious is soft and receptive – first thing when you wake up in the morning, and last thing before you close your eyes at night. Your bathroom mirror is another good place to stick a copy of your affirmation.

Know you will stumble.

Until the new groove in your neural net is established, the thought energy will sometimes still get caught in the old groove. No reason to get mad. (That only deepens the old groove!) Pick yourself off, dust yourself off and start all over again – in the new groove. Repeat the affirmation to yourself whenever you remember throughout the day.

When do you know to stop?

When the new groove is formed and the thought energy moves into that new direction. When you feel differently about yourself in that area.
Most importantly – when the condition you complained about, changes.

It’s Easy!

If you find yourself thinking that this is going to be difficult – well, that’s another false belief; another complaint worth taking a look at.  Remember, we are talking about Attraction here. It is a Law of Nature. You would never think of pushing a piece of paper to the ground. You know it falls all by itself. It’s called gravity. A boat that is properly built, floats. That’s buoyancy. When the condition of a Law of Nature is met, it just happens without any effort.

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