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Successful people all have one thing in common – they have a vision and a plan and they never, ever give up! But not every idea is a good one and not every plan is meant to succeed.So when there’s no discernible progress, how can you know if it’s a ‘No’ or a ‘Not yet’?

Here’s a sure-fire way for you to know whether it’s time to re-double your efforts or hand in the towel.

Looking At The Bigger Picture

Everything is energy Рfrom solid rock to liquid to gas, all the way down to thought. Everything consists of energy that is vibrating at varying frequencies. Every new idea is essentially a new energetic structure. For your idea to become reality you must physically, psychologically and yes, even spiritually match its energetic signature. When you are fully aligned in these areas you will have succeeded. When it seems like you are giving it your all but your new plan is not unfolding as envisioned looking these areas will give you the clearest vantage point so you can take the appropriate action.

The Business Picture

If your business is not achieving projected milestones, asking the right questions will enable you to take the appropriate, corrective action.

Physical Reasons

First, look for physical causes. They are the easiest to spot and the most obvious causes for unsatisfactory results, particularly at the outset of a new business venture. You may not yet have all the facts and need more training. Maybe you don’t yet have all the right equipment. In most cases you need to make a lot more cold calls to gather momentum. The point is, that physical reasons are never reasons to quit. You identify the issues and move forward.

Mindset Issues

80% of the time businesses are not as successful as they could be due to limited thinking and limited beliefs of those in leadership – only they don’t know it.

The mind is not there to help you succeed; it is there to keep you surviving hence it does not want you to move forward – ever! Your mind finds endless ways of setting up seeming limitations, smokescreens and blindspots to hold you back. The problem is that, by definition, blindspots are invisible to the person that has them. They’re like the wind – you can only see their effects.

For example, the reason cold calling is so hard for most people is not because it’s hard to pick up a phone and dial; it is because the process of cold calling conjures up your deepest fears inside you. T’s how you know that limiting beliefs are throttling your progress. The moment you get an inkling that you are under the influence of limited thinking it’s time to take action and hire a business coach. A coach is someone with business acumen who knows the way and can help you navigate your blindspots.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs listen to their mind when it comes to hiring a coach – when it is their mind who most definitely DOES NOT want them to hire a coach. (It is like asking the criminal if he thinks he should be found guilty and locked up or not.) They come up with every excuse in the world – it’s too expensive, I don’t have the time, I’ll do it later… – without noticing that they are simply under the influence of another smokescreen of the mind, designed to prevent them from moving forward.

Mindset issues are tricky to spot but they are never, ever a reason to quit. Stop beating your head against the wall and stop trying to go it alone.

The ONLY Time To Quit

The only time to quit is when your reasons are spiritual – when you realize that you are simply not meant to do it. It is the moment when you discover that, even if you were to reach the pinnacle of success with your venture, you would not be happy.

You are on this earth for a reason. You have gifts and talents that only you can give. You have to play the role you chose to play before the beginning of time – it’s the only way you’ll ever be happy – AND successful! You can simply never be the best when you are playing someone else’s game.

For example, I used to work as a professional artist. While I loved the creative expression I hated pretty much everything to do with the art business. I realized that, even if I were to somehow become an international success, I would be most unhappy in the world in which I would live; that although I had talent I was not meant to be a professional artist.

Who You Are Is Always Calling You Home

Who you are is always calling you home and it’s best to heed the call. If you are not happy and passionate about the venture find the one you’re meant to be in. The spiritual reason is the only real reason ever to quit!