How Long Will You Wait To Live The Life

You Are Meant To Live?

Discover The Hidden Secret Laws Of Success & Happiness For Yourself TODAY!

Even if you are at the top of your game there seems to be a devil in the works that torments you and sabotages your efforts. The constant struggle makes you tired and exhausted and overwhelmed, doesn't it? Yes, we want to be successful but isn't what's really underneath the desire to be happy and at peace so you can actually enjoy your success?

There are laws, like gravity and electricity that govern the physical realm. There are also laws that govern the intangible aspects of your life, such as your success, your health, your wealth and your happiness. When you don't know these laws you can't use them consciously and life appears hit-and-miss. Bad things happen to good people when they don't use the laws correctly.

There is so much misinformation about how things work in life that runs contrary to the laws of the universe. This program doesn't present anything "new and improved" rather it creates conscious awareness of the laws that are right in front on you so you can use them correctly and live the life you are meant to live.

It's not just about you, or even your loved ones - you are part of a bigger picture that is waiting for you to take your rightful place. The World Is Waiting For You! 


Discover How To Achieve:

  • The Success You Dream Of - And The Peace Of Mind To Enjoy It
  • Absolute Certainty About Your Next Step
  • Breakthrough Ideas Whenever You Need Them
  • Being In The Right Place At The Right Time
  • Laser-sharp Focus & Clarity
  • Vitality, Passion And Wellbeing
  • Financial Wealth And Abundance In Every Area Of Life
  • All Without Adding One Thing To Your To-Do List

WOW! Blown away, Marni! This program expresses so much of what I already sensed for myself but verbalized much better! I can already sense that the realizations I have already made will be life changing for my work and me.


- Jack Durnham

Breakdown of Training Here

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  • 1

    Discover the reason for the conflict within and learn how to silence the inner critic forever

  • 2

    Know with absolute certainty and confidence how to proceed in any situation

  • 3

    Access to innovative, new ideas whenever you need them to take your business to the next level

  • 4

    Learn how to be in the perfect place at the perfect time - every time!

  • 5

    Achieve laser-sharp focus and clarity in your actions

  • 6

    Create glowing health, vibrant energy and unbounded passion for life

  • 7

    Dissolve limiting blind spots and turn on a firehose of abundance in your life

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In This Instant Access Training Program You'll Receive...

  • 7 Training Modules

    In each of these 45-minute training modules I’ll reveal the hidden Universal Laws for you in simple and easy to understand language.

  • PDF Transcripts of Each Module

    Unclear about exactly what I said in one of the training modules? Use the transcript to get clarity or allow you to consume the content visually for those that learn better by reading.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Start to interact with other successful women who are now knowledgeable about these Hidden Universal Laws.

Bonus #1: 7 Private 30-min Coaching Calls w/Marni


After each module you can email your questions and everything that came up for you during the module and I will give you a very targeted mini-coaching session. "I love email coaching sessions! It is possible to get so much deeper because it forces you to think about every word you want to say. There's no fluff or fillers, you get right to the heart of the issue. That's the juice!"

Bonus #2: 7 Insider Living Workbooks

Seven individual workbooks to go along with the module give you an opportunity to deepen your learning by writing down what you've learned. Research shows that this increases your learning ability exponentially.

Bonus #3: 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Session

Let's dive deep! What IS your vision for your life? What's keeping you from achieving it? Are you frustrated because you've tried and tried and just can't break through? You can't break through your blind spots because - well, they are BLIND spots for you. There is nothing wrong with you; we all have them. That's why we all need someone to help us see beyond them. That's why most successful people have a coach.  Let me help you clear the blocks that are  preventing you from living you the life you dream of - the life you were meant to live!

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Despite having studied and practiced Law Of Attraction for the last few years, I have continued to plateau. This series was the push I needed to finally move forward and really integrate this constantly once and for all. What a difference it has made!

Kelly Tissdale Rodan & Fields

This course took my life from zero to feeling like a million bucks. I look better and am happier than I have been in years and I have been promoted at work. Coincidence? I think not!

Lynn Howard James Realty
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